Accessibility Design


Practical Home Modifications

ASSIST provides home assessment and design services at no cost to evaluate safety and accessibility needs in peoples’ homes. A practical approach is taken to tailor the modifications to the needs, desires and finances of each person or household.  In most of Salt Lake County ASSIST can often provide financial assistance for low income families to make needed modifications. Accessible Home Modifications provides standard dimensions and photos of various alterations.


Plan Review for New Housing

ASSIST provides design assistance to incorporate safety and accessibility features in new housing. Recommendations for accessibility in homes usually include a range of features, starting with the three essential ”visitability” features: a no-step entry somewhere; adequate doorways; and a usable ground floor bathroom. Other features beneficial to people using wheel chairs are presented as well. Essential Visitability Features and Accessible Features for New Homes illustrate the range of features that can make homes visitable or fully accessible to people using wheelchairs.


Accessible Community Buildings

ASSIST provides assessment and design services to nonprofit and community groups to make their buildings accessible to people with disabilities. Architectural drawings and construction bid assistance can be provided for funding proposals and self-help projects.


Accessibility Training and Presentations

The ASSIST Guidebook to the Accessible Home: Practical Designs for Home Modifications and New Construction illustrates a practical approach to making home modifications and how to easily incorporate accessibility features in new homes. ASSIST’s accessibility photo slideshows are presented each year to health care support groups, occupational therapy and architecture students, and professional design and planning associations.  ASSIST is available for training workshops or shorter presentations to address safety and access features in homes.